How To Create A Facebook Business Page

Posted on 2014-03-04

Facebook has over 800 million members and actually surpassed Google in terms of traffic in the U.S. back in 2010.

Because of this, promoting your brand on this giant is a must! However, many business organizations are still not sure how they can make the most of their marketing efforts on Facebook.

So, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at why a Facebook business page is crucial for your success and how you can be up and running with your very own Facebook business page in no time.

Getting Started

Basically, a Facebook business page is a profile of your product or business organization. In fact, it’s quite similar to a personal profile in this regard.

However, there are a few important differences between a profile and a business page:

  • You don’t “friend” fans of your business. Instead, people will “Like” your business which essentially means they follow you and will receive your status updates in their news feed (some of the time, but this is a whole blog post in itself).
  • With a Facebook profile you can send messages to your friends. However, this feature is not available on business pages. The only way to reach your “fans” is by posting status updates
  • It’s actually against the terms of service to use a profile to market your business on facebook, wheras business pages were designed for the sole purpose of just that.

So now that you know the main differences between a profile and a page, let’s create a page!

Creating Your Business Page

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: You will now have to choose a classification for your business page. These include:

  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Local place or business
  • Organization, company or institution
  • Product or brand
  • Entertainment
  • Cause of community

Classification will help you rank in Facebook searches. It will also provide relevant information fields on your Facebook business page. Once you click on the proper classification, you will then be asked to select a category, your business name and there will be a check box to agree to Facebook’s TOS. Once you’ve done that, click “Next”.

Step 3: Once you have created a page, Facebook will ask you to upload a photo and fill out your About section. The photo should be your business logo or an image of your product. And the About section will consist of a brief description of your business. Since this will be on your main page, you need to make it descriptive and display a link to your main website, as well.

Step 4: Woohoo, you got yourself a page! But, you’re not done yet. Now take a look around the admin panel. This will be the main dashboard for managing everything on your Facebook business page. It provides a lot of features to make your business page more useful and relevant.

Step 5: Last but not the least, it’s time to fill your Facebook business page with relevant content. Be sure to add a cover photo that will help your business stand apart from the competition. Take a look at these Facebook business cover photos for some inspiration. You also need to setup a few custom tabs, which will allow you to include specific sections on your business page. Finally, you need to post and update your Facebook business page with news, blog posts, pictures or anything relevant to your business. As soon as you have developed an appropriate marketing strategy, start interacting with people on Facebook.

Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Engage – Your primary focus should be on building up a strong and engaged following. Keep your audience engaged with questions, contests and special offers. This will require a greater level of participation from your side, but will boost the likelihood of your followers becoming (repeat) customers and helping spread brand awareness for you.

Advertisements – Creating an advertisement is one of the best ways to attract targeted prospects and quickly build up your fan base. Facebook has a pretty good advertising platform where you can really drill down and target specific users by location, interests and a lot more.

Update Regularly – It’s very important to keep your audience engaged and interested, which can directly impact the amount of your “fans” that actually see your status updates. Update regularly and use lot’s of photos, as studies have shown that pictures get more likes and comments. It’s also important to interact with your potential customers through comments. And if the dreaded negative comment comes through, take the high road and don’t engage in a battle online. Rectify the problem quickly and if possible, settle it outside the public eye, for example, through email or phone.

The primary goal of your Facebook Business Page is to generate more leads and revenue and to connect with current and future clients. Just remember you have to be patient and give it some time before you start expecting returns. But, with the right marketing strategy you’ll be able to quickly expand your brand and find “fans” that are interested in your business!